Weiss Architecture Studio

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Dallas Lovefield Airport

The central figure in the artwork is that of Moss Lee Love the pioneering aviator from whom Love Field takes itʼ s name. To the left of the design a collage of images that are taken from indigenous plant and bird life; the Pecan Tree and the Mockingbird are overlaid with a flock of birds in flight. To the far right we can see a historic map of Downtown Dallas from about the time of the first runway construction at Love Field.

To the left of the map is a large globe showing modern day flight paths around the world with Dallas as a central location.

There are multi layers of poems that relate to mans desire to fly: Some of the text is totally legible and sharp to read while other layers of text are seen as soft dream-like “vapour trails” across the sky uniting and connecting everything.

Dallas Lovefield Airport:

Texas, USA

Hand painted ceramic enamel on toughened glass:

25m wide X 4m high