Weiss Architecture Studio

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Firehouse Arts Center

The Firehouse Arts Centre is a redevelopment of the Old Fire House in Downtown Pleasanton. One entrance on Railroad Avenue with a symbolic “fiery-energy” inspired tower and the other from John Belucchi Memorial Park based on leaf forms taken from the Giant Redwood Trees surrounding Pleasanton. The glass has been design to be visible in daylight with reflected light and is lit up at night with an LED lighting scheme. On close inspection the glass has a refracting painterly surface that absorbs and reflects light in a surprising way as the viewer moves around the piece.

The Jesuit School is now 140 years old and are celebrating the 40th anniversary of their decision to stay in Detroit on Seven Mile with a brand new Facility and a Stained Glass Window celebrating St Ignatius…. Amen

Firehouse Arts Center:

Pleasanton, San Francisco, California, USA

Hand painted enamelled glass, laminated and toughened:

50m2 x 2 art glass “marquees”