Weiss Architecture Studio

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Oklahoma University Hospital

Each of the 4 light boxes represents a milestone in the expansion and development of the University Hospital. Photographic images of previous hospital buildings are layered within the designs to be discovered over time by visitors and staff.

Symbols relating to the study of medicine are juxtaposed with one another to form a rhythmical movement in the design, these images are simple medical and chemistry vessels and flasks that form an abstracted background to each panel.

Simple forms of how students documented their studies are included as passages of time: the 1910 panel has a “Chalk board” text with a reference “PCN” to Penicillin, 1928 has a pen writing in a notebook, 1960 has a typewriter keys and the 2020 panel includes a computer keyboard – all as reference to how student note-taking was and is documented.

Oklahoma University Hospital:

Oklahoma, USA

4 LED Light Boxes 5 feet (1.5 Metres) square

Hand painted and ceramic enamel printed toughened glass.