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Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church

The themes for the windows were based on the following ideas: Facing the Altar – left hand side “Heaven” the right hand side “Earth” with the central “Vesica Piscis” window as “Transformation”
The side windows also contain text, Heaven – Psalm 148 and Earth – Psalm 92

The Altar window “Vesica Piscis” was inspired by thoughts of becoming a new creation transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit. The images and forms have been inspired by Christ taking us to a new spiritual home, the artwork extracts the essence and nature of these ideas to create an abstract atmosphere rather than try to tell a literal story. Leaving the viewer to project his or her own thoughts and interpretations onto the window. The window is designed to have a “misty quality” and it has a very subtle crucifix form at it’s centre. The blue colours representing the heavens.

A translation of “Vesica Piscis” or “Fish bladder”, is the first and most literal translation from Latin because of the shape, but architectural proportions of the meeting of 2 circles and the mystical and religious significance and translations are extreamly interesting and inspiring from an artistic point of view, meeting of heaven and earth the transformation of Christ as man and as spirit.

Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church:

Waterlooville, UK

Antique stained glass: