Weiss Architecture Studio

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West Window, St Mary’s

The inspiration for the design comes from Revelation 22, verse 5, Christ’s coming and eternity: They need no light of lamp or sun, for the Lord God will be their light, and they will reign for ever and ever.

I have chosen warm colours, reds and yellows to represent the light. The colours suggest that something is about to happen that is not quite here yet, something to look forward to. The intention is to point us beyond ourselves and take us into the mystery of God. I have also introduced a third colour, blue. The idea is to keep the design to a very limited palette
but to introduce one simple jewel-like colour in the centre of the cross form. The intention is to make reference to the three primary colours, the holy trinity, and to the colour that is symbolic of St Mary. The themes of justice, reconciliation, peace, hope, regeneration and renewal have also inspired the design process. A symbolic approach has been incorporated: the scales (justice), hands (reconciliation), dove (peace) and tree of life (renewal).

West Window, St Mary’s:

Swansea, UK

Traditional stained glass and lead:

4.5 x 7m